[cooking] Ricotta

One quick and easy thing I cooked over the vacation was homemade ricotta:

Homemade ricotta. It really is so easy! 🍋 #ricotta

I read a few different recipes- vinegar vs lemon juice, stirring vs not stirring, various ratios of milk to cream. Here's what I did:

In a big pot, I poured in a half gallon jug of whole milk and a pint of heavy cream. Bring to a roiling boil over med-high heat while you juice a lemon and line a colander with cheesecloth (mine is kind of threadbare, so I used three layers) and place over bowl.

When the milk is boiling it will bubble up. Add three tablespoons of lemon juice. The foam will immediately subside. Reduce heat to low and stir slowly for a few minutes. Turn off the heat and let everything sit in the pot of 10 min or so. Pour over the cheesecloth.

I kept the whey byproduct- poured it all into a pitcher to keep in the fridge. You can use it in place of milk or water for recipes. Plus, my whey was pretty milky looking (not clear) so I didn't want to waste any.

I let the ricotta drain for a little more than an hour and it was VERY thick. A few times I had to add some whey back into it to make it more spreadable.

For this:

Lunch! Chive bread toasted, ricotta, lemon olive oil, chive flowers, pepper. Thanks for the oil olive, @jenmac1818 ! 🍞🍋🌸

Chive bread, toasted, with ricotta, a drizzle of lemon olive oil, fresh ground pepper, chive flowers. This. Was. Amazing.

I had a lot of ricotta leftover- some was used for ravioli filling, some was used in bread. Whey was used here and there in bread and pancake recipes.

In the future, I'll make ricotta again and leave it super-thick to use in place of cream cheese. And I have a tofu press- I'll also try weighing/pressing it to a smooth and solid consistency for homemade paneer. Then it's paneer recipes galore!

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