[crochet] Lost in Time

After finishing the green socks and Fox Paws, I went back to a long neglected crochet project:

Lost in Time shawl. I really missed the boat doing this shawl in many different colors (was worried about too many ends to weave in- Fox Paws cured me of that) but I am enjoying the subtle shades of grey. 

This is sock yarn I got on wicked sale at Webs ages ago- I think I bought six 200gr balls and I'm on ball four or five. Will keep going until I use it all up- the rows are taking forever to complete at this point but it's really chewing up the yarn quickly. I plan on doing the border in a contrast color just for a pop of something different.

This is what happens when I get up from the couch and don't call fivesies on my seat:

Aaaaaand I lost my seat.

Actually, it still happens even when I call fivesies. Penny.


cristina said...

That is normal - the cat stealing the seat - all of them are doing that and I don't know why, do you? I'm just curious ...

amy said...

Warmth. At least for Penny- she's a little heat seeking missile and will appear out of nowhere to steal a warm spot.