[cooking] Rhubarb

Went to cut some rhubarb at my mom's since hers is so much redder than mine. 

I made some muffins:

#rhubarb muffins. Whole wheat with flax meal. #baking #muffins

The muffins were good- white whole wheat flour and some flax meal mixed in. I could have used more than the 1 cup of diced rhubarb.

And simple syrup:

#rhubarb simple syrup. 💗🍹💗

I've been using this for plain "rhubarb soda" (syrup + plain seltzer) and an even better cocktail:

Rhubarb cocktail o’clock 🍸

Rhubarb syrup, lime, vodka, plain seltzer. Perfect for sipping on the porch while I shake my fist at the chipmunks and woodchucks and tell them to "Git outta heeeeeere!"


Pretty chill weekend- mostly because it was drizzly the whole time. Thoroughly cleaned the house, which is annoying but so satisfying when it's done. I don't particularly enjoy vacuuming, so I find distractions (lemme just wipe down all the windowsills in the house first... and start a load of laundry... I think it's high time to clean Rocky's cage... boy, the tops of these blu-ray cases are pretty dusty- I better dust off all the blu-rays... Look at Murderface asleep on the bed- I should give him some snuggles and pets and scratches...). But, the vacuuming got done in spite of all my efforts to the contrary.

I  pulled out my dwindling supply of fabric for the quilt I'm working on and starting looking for new quilt blocks to cut pieces for. 

I think I'll be able to finish my crocheted shawl this week. I started rummaging through my leftover sock yarn for a contrast color for the border. Not sure if I should do a solid color or get wacky and do variegated. 

Teaching this week so busy busy busy. I'm not taking any time off for the 4th but I will be traveling for work the week after, which I'm so looking forward to. 

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