[cooking] Rugelach

This month's King Arthur Flour #bakealong challenge is rugelach:

This month's #bakealong is #rugelach. #kingarthurflour

This was my first time making these traditional Jewish sweets and I did the recipe basically as written. My filling is chopped dried cranberries, pecans, brown and maple sugar, cinnamon. I do have a bottle of boiled cider and I used that to brush over the rolled dough to make everything stick. Easy enough to vary the filling based on what you have on hand. 

Lovely little flakey, spiced croissant-y cookies. A rare treat considering all the butter and cream cheese in the dough. Would love to try a savory version next time (spinach or pesto filling? minced sun-dried tomatoes and parm cheese? pepperoni pizza rugelach? pizza-lach? roo-ge-za?).


Ellen Bloom said...

Your rugelach look better than the professional ones at my corner Jewish-style bakery!! Yum!

amy said...

Thank you!