[vermont] 2017 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

This past weekend was the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. I waited a bit for the rain to pass Saturday morning before heading over. I got there in time to get a little lunch and watched the sheep herding demonstration.

Artwork on the side of one of the foodtrucks:

Pretty bunny

This year is only the 29th annual VT S&W. And this is only the 5th year that it has been at the Tunbridge Fairground (which I love so much, since I only live 10 minutes away) and while the first year or two were pretty small, it was much larger this year.

I noticed lots of beautiful art, in the form of needle felting:

Needle-felted landscape

Needle-felted bunny

Needle-felted fox

Needle-felted Totoro

These tapestries were A-MAZ-ING:

Needle felt tapestries

Needle felt tapestry

Like I need a new hobby but I so want to do some needle-felting now.

I loved this weaving demo:

Weaving Demo

Just whipping up a landscape "painting".

My modest haul from the fest:

VT S&W haul

A couple skeins of yarn, a couple small (4-5oz) bundles of fiber to spin, some wooden buttons and 5 bars of soap. Festival goat's milk soap is the best soap ever and I love that they come wrapped in little pieces of fabric. The pack-rat in me is keeping all the fabric for a future soap-charm-square quilt.

Oh, and this was my first time seeing and petting cashmere goats:

Cashmere goats. 🐐🐐

They were pretty soft and that's just the outside, guard hair.

Still working on the yellow, mohair Seascape scarf. Just joined the 2nd ball of yarn. The plan is to knit through 3 balls. Then I want to pile up single skeins of yarn and a dozen hat patterns for super-quick, instant gratification hats. All my recent projects (baby blanket, socks, baby blanket, shawl, stole) feel like forever-projects. I want to make stuff that only takes a night or two. 

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Ellen Bloom said...

You're so lucky to live close to this festival. Nice haul! Ooooooo....cashmere goats! I love how those fancy goats are dressed up!