[art] Bob Ross weekend: 5 paintings

With the long weekend, I decided to take out all my oil paints and get back into Bob Ross painting. 

Saturday painting, Bob Ross style. First time painting on a black canvas. #bobross #painting #oilpainting
Season 9. Episode 3. Red Sunset.

One more... #bobrosvia Instagram <a href="http://ift.tt/2gkioma" rel="nofollow">ift.tt/2gkioma</a>s #painting #oilpainting
Season 12. Episode 10. Mountain at Sunset.

New way to do mountain shade. #bobross #painting #oilpainting
Season 13. Episode 8. Mountain Exhibition.

#bobross #painting #oilpainting
Season 10. Episode 1. Towering Peaks.

#bobross #painting #oilpainting
Season 10. Episode 2. Cabin at Sunset.

While Bob can crank out a painting in 30 minutes, it takes me 60 - 90 minutes. Not bad- easy enough to do in an evening. But I should definitely practice more often.

Now to order frames and start hanging all these.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! I used to LOVE watching Bob Ross on TV! His paintings and methods are so soothing. You've done an excellent job. I can just see these pieces hanging in a cabin in the woods.