[art] Fluid Acrylic Painting: My new obsession

Fluid acrylic painting. Who knew. This is one of those things were I see a craft video and I'm like, "I have all that stuff. I'll try it." And I go home and try it and it's awesome. Apart from the first failed attempt to even mix the paint correctly. (Turns out I didn't have all the stuff I needed and I tried improvising with random home chemicals; I'm no chemist so all the paint turned into snot consistency which was pretty much the opposite of the nice, runny, fluid consistency that I needed.)

Anyway, here was my first real pour:


The paint was thick (only thinned with water) and I tried getting "cells" with a hair dryer. This really didn't work and it just ended up pushing the paint around the canvas.

From what I've gathered from my extensive history of researching this technique over the past, like, 5 days, the gist is that you mix paint and water (yes, I'm using plastic knives, I don't have Popsicle sticks):


Pour it in some color sequence into another cup and turn that cup upside down onto the canvas:

Dirty cup pour

Lift up the cup:

Liquid acrylic pour

Then tilt the canvas to cover the entire surface. Let excess paint drip off the sides and set it on something to keep it elevated while it dries.

All the colors blending and not blending and swirling make a totally unique picture with lots of visual interest:

First liquid acrylic pour

I liked it. Obviously, it was my first time and it's not going to be amazing and ready to be hung in a gallery. I wanted cells, though, and you need to add some kind of lubricant to the paint (oil and water don't mix). I've seen people use treadmill oil, 3-in-1 household oil, KY or hair care products that contain dimethicone.

I wanted to try again, so I mixed up some different colors and added some WD-40 (what I had on hand). Made another dirty cup pour and this is the result:


I really like this one. There are more noticeable spots of cells from the WD-40:




There are many things that I learned just from doing these two small 8" x 10" painting. There are some special things that you do need (notably a paint flow aid and a torch). It's messy but a very fast process. I did a bunch more paintings over the weekend and will post them here throughout the week.

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