[cooking] Pumpkins galore

Dollar and I went to a local farm Saturday morning to pick some pumpkins. Since it was the last day that the farm was going to be open for the year, they were having a sale. Pie pumpkins were $3 each... or 10 for $10. So yeah, I came home with:

10 pie pumpkins for $10. Going to roast and freeze the purée.

I don't think I understood how much work it would be. I've never processed a pumpkin into puree for cooking. I brought three inside, cut them into chunks, worked out (and saved) all the seeds, scraped out the innards and set them on baking sheets:

Three pumpkins down... seven more to go? 😩

I bought a small little pumpkin scraper at Baketville in Putney some years ago and it's amazing. I can't find a picture of anything like it online but it is the best instrument I've ever used to cleanly and easily scrape away all the sticky stuff from inside a pumpkin. It's about the size of the palm of my hand and it's a metal half-mood scraping blade with a wooden handle. So small but it made incredibly quick works out of clearing off the pieces from three little pumpkins. I've still got more pumpkins to do- I'll take a picture of it.

Roasted it all at 350F for 45 min. Let rest until cool enough to handle and then the skin just peeled away. Pureed it all, in batches, in the food processor. Result: Ten 1-cup portions, ready for the freezer.

3 pumpkins = 10 cups purée. I'm all out of these little one-cup containers. So... things get interesting tomorrow.

I boiled the seeds in salted water and then left them out to dry overnight:

Pumpkin seeds, boiled in salted water. Will let them dry over night and roast tomorrow. 🎃

The next morning I mixed them all with a little olive oil and Greek seasoning and roasted at 350F for 20 min, stirring every now and then. They're totally toasted and crunchy- perfect snack food. Not chewy, which has kind of happened to me in the past. I think the salted boil and leaving them to dry overnight did the trick.

So that's three pumpkins. I clearly had no idea what I was doing when I thought "Sure! Whatever, I'll get ten, lol!" My list of pumpkin recipes to try: risotto, ravioli, soup, bread... uh... muffins? Scones? Sage seems to be a good pairing with pumpkin, from what I've seen online- I'll go out and pick the last of it before we get a frost tonight.


Here's a picture of the scraper: Maudie's Super Squash Scooper:

Maudie's Super Squash Scooper

Locally, it looks like you can get it at Dan & Whit's (of course) and the Upper Valley Food Coop.

I did three more pumpkins after work yesterday and this scooper is great. More puree went into the freezer but I left a lot out to have this week. Last night I had fettuccine with a pumpkin cream sauce (o.m.f.g. - so good). I have plans for a Thai pumpkin coconut soup tonight.

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