[art] Fluid Acrylic Painting: Blues and leftover colors

It looks like this week is just going to be posts about my new acrylic pouring obsession. I'll go back to other stuff next week. For now, all I can think about is mixing pant.

Here's a 12 inch by 12 inch canvas with black and blues and white:

Blue - Fluid Acrylic Painting


Blue - Fluid Acrylic Painting

I like using fewer colors. I need to be less stingy with the paint I mix up to pour- If I have to move/tilt the canvas a lot for coverage, the cells lose their shape and the entire thing looks a little too mixed up.

But what to do when there's lots of little bits of leftover colors? Pour them all into a cup and use them:

Misc colors - Fluid Acrylic Painting

Lots of areas of interest:

Misc colors - Fluid Acrylic Painting

Fluid Acrylic Painting

I tried a couple new techniques and forms, which I'll post tomorrow. Then it's back to regularly scheduled knitting and cats and food.

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