[cooking] Pumpkin rolls and cake

I tried some pumpkin-shaped pumpkin rolls this past weekend:

Pumpkin dinner rolls. 🎃 They are so. Freaking. Cute. 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

I used this recipe but cut it in half, to only have one sheet of rolls. Well, first I cut, cleaned and roasted the last of the pile of pie pumpkins. More puree, more seeds. I used a half cup of puree for these rolls. They were pretty easy to bring together and shape. You make 8 cuts around the outside and it doesn't have to be perfect- the 2nd rise puffs everything up and any uneven areas get filled in.

Here's what the rolls looks like after cutting, before the second rise:

Pumpkin rolls

They are so cute- and I think I'll do them for Thanksgiving this year. Going to try out bird-shaped rolls this weekend.

Next, I used more puree to make this pumpkin espresso bundt cake:

Pumpkin espresso bundt. #kingarthurflour #yearofthebundt #baking #pumpkinrecipes #pumpkincake

This was really good- lovely fall recipe to add to my ever expanding list of pumpkin recipes. And any excuse to use a bundt pan...

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