[cooking] Red curry pumpkin coconut soup

More pumpkin for supper last night:

Thai red curry pumpkin coconut soup. And naan. 🎃 #pumpkinsoup

Pretty simple and quick to bring together. I finely minced a small onion and sauteed in olive oil. Add minced ginger. Then garlic. Then a couple cups of pumpkin puree, a cup of chicken stock and a cup of coconut milk. Added a tablespoon of Thai red curry paste. Heated and garnished with coconut milk and cilantro. Served with homemade naan.

TGIF! Going to pick up some art supplies after work- I just found a new art hobby: fluid acrylic painting. I tried it on a couple small canvases I had on hand last night and I loooooove any piece of art that is unique and only takes 45 seconds to make. That budgets well into my schedule.

Tomorrow should be sunny so I'll finally be able to try some solar printing. My sister gave me a lot of cyanotype paper for my birthday- you just put things on top of the paper, leave it in the sun and then rinse in water. Voila- nature silhouettes. I went around last weekend picking and pressing leaves and flowers, so I have everything I need.

More pumpkin recipes to try this weekend: pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Pats are playing Sunday night, which is better for me- when they play Sunday at 1pm, the afternoon is shot and the house doesn't get cleaned. I've got to make a dump-run; find a nearby laundromat to wash some big blankets and rugs (which should be good knitting time). I'm so ready to be done with this fuffy yellow scarf- but at least I'm on the last ball of yarn. I've printed off a dozen new hat patterns- I just want to move on to quick things for holiday gifts!

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