[cooking] Macoun Apple Pie

I had to run down to Lebanon last Saturday afternoon to pick up my car from the mechanic. They had had it for 3 days, which was fine by me because they gave me a 2017 loaner at no cost. I was hoping they'd call be like, "We're never gonna get to your car so... ya know what, just keep it." Sigh. I had to go pay $$$ to get my piece-of-crap car back.

But. Since I was right in the area, I popped up to Poverty Lane Orchards to quickly pick some apples. I asked if "two below" was open (two acres below the main farm, FULL of rare/heirloom apple species) and they said not until next weekend. The main, large orchard are just Macintosh, Cortland and Macoun trees. I usually pick cortlands for pie but I wanted to try just macouns this year. I asked what color tape the trees were marked with (yellow) and made a beeline up the main path, to the back where the right trees were. 

Macoun apples. Had to pick up my car from the service center in Lebanon so I picked a few at Poverty Lane and got a jug of cider. Their rare/heirloom orchard opens next weekend!

I picked a little more than a dozen. And got a gallon of cider.

The macouns are good for eating out of hand- tart, not too sweet, firm. Also perfect for... PIE.

Apple Pie Prep

Sunday morning I made some dough, peeled some apples...

Apple pie filling

I was on auto pilot and forgot to cut out pretty designs in the top crust. I put the top crust on, cut away excess dough, crimped  the edges, looked at the pie... and said "oh shit". I was going to use cookie cutters to cut vents when it was all rolled out but BEFORE it put in on the pie. So instead I used my maple leaf cutter to cut some leaves from the excess dough and applied all over:

#applepie 🍎🍏🍎🏈

And just used my knife to stab-stab-stab-stab vents.

After baking:

Macoun apple pie 🍎🍏🍎

We were able to let the pie cool for about 30 minutes before we caved and cut a slice. Warm, with ice cream- this was one of my best apple pies ever. The apple slices held their shape really well. 

So happy it's apple season. And looking forward to "two below" this weekend!

By the way, for local people, the Coop Case Lot sale starts tomorrow. 

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