[painting] Mountain Summit

The 2nd painting I've done at home is Mountain Summit:

Mountain Summit

I followed along to a DVD that came with the basic painting set but this scene is from Joy of Painting, Season 13 Episode 10. Pretty happy with it- still getting the hang of all the techniques but these mountains are fun to do.

I need to rearrange my craft room. I recently acquired a new (used) spinning wheel and a small one-person couch. Everything is kind of jumbled in there and I've been painting in the dining room. I'd like to have a spinning corner, a knitting corner, a painting corner, a sewing/embroidery corner... And the room doesn't actually have that many corners. I'm taking the last week of the month off for a little staycation at home, mostly for gardening stuff. I think that might be the right time to reorganize the craft room.

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