[knitting] Copycat C.C. Beanie

CC Beanie

Copycat version of the popular Colorado Chick slouchy beanie. Pattern is free on Ravelry. I can't think of the yarn name but it's a worsted weight alpaca/wool blend with a bit of sparkle. I have the same yarn in a couple other colors- I will knit this again with a slightly longer brim.

This past Saturday I asked Dollar if he had a teeny-tiny screwdriver (a screw keeps coming loose on my glasses). He went downstairs to the basement to check his toolbox in the band room. Then he came running upstairs and hurried out to the garage. He came inside looking worried and I said, "What did you leave in Massachusetts?" He had a gig last Thursday in Worcester and only then realized that he had left his toolbox behind a curtain on stage at the venue.

Imagine, knitter, your notions case/pouch/bag. We all have one. Mine contains crochets hooks, needle sizer, kitchener cheat sheet, a dozen different types/styles of stitch markers, cable needles, stitch holders, an Altoids tin full off safety pins, elastic thread, hand lotion, darning needles, waste yarn, highlighter tape, scissors, tape measure. Dollar's toolbox is the musician's equivalent- cords, extra strings, 9-volt batteries, tuning stuff (and presumably that teeny-tiny little screwdriver that I needed). It's all replaceable but it takes years to accumulate the things you like and use.

I said, "I have Monday off work. I'll drive down and get it." Because I'm a f'ing hero. We weren't going to have time Sunday because of an all-day music festival in NY. So I spent all day yesterday driving down, literally 2 minutes picking up the toolbox, and driving back. But. I made a stop at Hub Mills, the factory store for Classic Elite Yarns at their industrial warehouse. I read of their website that they sell Signature Arts needles, which I've been dreaming about owning for years. If Clovers are the Nissan Versa of needles, Signatures are the Lamborghini Veneno.

My first pair of Signatures. My reward for spending my day off driving to Worcester and back to pick up a toolbox that Dollar left at a venue after a gig last week.

Hey, I still use my Clovers. I started knitting with them and sometimes you want a dull tip and rigid cable. But these Signatures? So pretty, so pointy, cable so floppy. I bought a US 6 32" convertible circular. I was like, "You know shit's fancy when you have to buy the cable separately. And each size requires it's own-sized cable." Actually, I should say that Dollar bought it for me because it was a gift for picking up his toolbox. Now, I'm scouring my Ravelry queue for projects that specifically use a US 6 needle. I think I'll start with a baby surprise jacket...

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