[vermont] Must be the season of the... ramps

Saturday was beautiful weather. I had two car appointments in the morning but raced home to get up into the hills to pick.

Ramps. Wild leeks.

I spent a couple hours filling two shopping bags. I startled three ruffed grouse (who startled me back when they f'ing TOOK OFF to the skies from right next to me like feathered demons from hell), ran into hundreds of spiders (I eventually starting waving a stick in front of me to break the webs apart) and found one deer tick on my arm when I got back home (and promptly stripped in the laundry room, threw everything in to the washer and ran to the bathroom to meticulously shower/scrub).

I put off washing all the ramps but did make a quick chimichurri sauce with a few for supper:

Pulled pork with a quick ramp chimichurri.

I don't make chimichurri enough. It only took a couple minutes with a small food processor-

4 cleaned, chopped ramps
olive oil
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar
pinch red pepper flakes

We had it with some homemade pulled pork- which went well together. The sharpness of the ramps and acidity of the vinegar paired well with the rich pork. And that's a Pillsbury Grands biscuit in the background because I keeps it real. Just kidding, I WAS going to use them to make steamed buns like at the very bottom of this recipe, but when I realized all I had for supper was pulled pork and chimichurri and I was tired and only had enough energy to press a spoon tip into the seam of a boxboard tube- I just plopped them into a cookie sheet.

More washing ramps tonight and making the old standbys- ramp compound butter, ramp pesto, pickled ramps.

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