[gardening] Pulmonaria

Lungwort starting to bloom in the shade bed:

#lungwort blooming. First hummingbird showed up today!

Things are growing well- looking forward to a bit of rain this afternoon. Saw my first hummingbird of the year yesterday- it was zipping around where the feeder hung last year. They remember. My two feeders spent the winter outside the garage, sitting on some gravel. So they were in a state of yuck. I got a toothbrush and scrubbed and rinsed and filled them with nectar. I hung them and the hummingbird came and took a sip out of each hole around... and then flew away. Usually they'll come, sit and drink for a good long while. Maybe they're too gross. The feed store is having a sale so I'm just going to get two new ones.

I finally (FINALLY!) finished the socks I started on... April 5. I guess that's not so long ago but it feels like it's been forever. They came out beautifully but now I'm beside myself trying to figure out what to start next!!! Plus, I'm going to prep a few canvases with black gesso this weekend to do some more Bob Ross painting. I'm so so so tempted to go to NH Sheep and Wool tomorrow but it's nearly two hours away for me now since it moved from Hopkinton to Deerfield. I obviously know I don't need any more yarn and I don't want spend the whole day away, so I think I'll pass and start a shawlette instead.

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