[crafts] Pistachio Shell Succulents

I pinned this hanging succulent garden craft project a long time ago. I thought that the pistachio shells really did look like sempervivium. Using this project as an excuse to buy all the pistachios, I saved shells for a while and finally glued them together last weekend.

Making DIY #succulents. If I never see another pistachio shell again, it will be too soon.

Pretty. Tedious to make but pretty. I glued them together on waxpaper. Once they set, I turned them over and squeezed more hot glue into gaps, just to secure the shells more.

I used food coloring to dye them:

Pistachio shell #succulents dyed with food coloring. They look really realistic.

The crafter of the original project used Rit dye, which seems to have dyed her shells in anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Food coloring took way longer- like, 30 minutes in some cases. Being in the dye bath for so long, some of the shells became saturated and fell off from the hard glue bottom. There was a lot of re-gluing I had to do after the fact- to repair the succulents. So, I wouldn't recommend food coloring.

What to do with them now? I would like to find a small table, with a lip/edge, to display these with my rock collection. I have a wooden sign board that is meant to be hung but I could attach legs to each of the four corners and convert it into a small table.

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Kattzzz said...

i dyed my shells first, working on some now, used rit dye.