[knitting] Two socks at once, kind of

I'm working on a new pair of socks. For the last pair that I made, I knit one and then felt the crushing weight/burden/onus/strain of having to knit another. I did it, I finished the pair but had an "As God is my witness, I'll never knit socks one-at-a-time again!" moment.

So I'm doing a tandem method. Knit the cuff of one using yarn from the inside of the yarn ball. Knit the cuff of the second using yarn from the outside of the yarn ball. Knit the leg of one. Knit the leg of the other. One heel flap, then the other, etc.


This method is working fine for me. It does require two pairs of DPNs that are the same size. It would also be easier if I had weighed and wound the skein of sock yarn into two equal balls, then things wouldn't get tangled so easily. But I like the idea of working from one ball so that the leftovers are in one piece, rather than two. I don't know why that might matter but it just feels like it would be better.

As the nights are getting colder and the bed is starting be frigid when I first get in, I'm wearing my handknit socks to bed to keep my feet toasty.

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