[misc] Jack old Lantern

Wow. After one week, my Jack o' Lantern has aged from a terrifying, nightmare-inducing demonic face to:

Pumpkin didn't even last a week. Now it just looks like a crazy old toothless man covered in flies and hornets.

What the actual F? Now it just looks like some toothless old man who, at worst, will try to gum you to death. I can hear a wheezy, high pitched laughing in my head followed by a chronic cough. So not scary anymore- apart from the gross flies and hornets hanging around on it.

I'm going to have to pitch it over the bank this weekend. I guess I shouldn't be surprised- I literally placed large piece of cut vegetable on my deck and got mad when it rotted in a week's time. I've read a few things online to help preserve the pumpkin- spritzing the finished piece inside and out with a bleach/water mix and then slathering all the cut surfaces with petroleum jelly to seal/protect but... ugh, it sounds like so much extra work. 

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