[amy] Unicorns? You swear? Okay, I'll go.


Finished my angora Irish Hiking Scarf last night. Despite the issues I was having with this yarn, it came out looking great.

I only have two unfinished objects (one of which doesn't need to be done until Christmas) so I figure I'll cast on a bunch this weekend.


I'm all done spinning three bags (12 oz total) of Ashland Bay Merino Tussah Silk top. Some of it is washed and drying, some of it is on the niddy-noddy, some is plied and some is waiting to be plied. I kind of have to do things in stages since I only have one niddy-noddy (I leave the plied yarn on it overnight).


I just finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus: Vol. 1 and I didn't really like it. The writing is just so bad and they've drawn Buffy to look like her name should be Booby. We'll see how Vol. 2 goes...


I made these Molasses Cookies last weekend and they came out perfect. After you buy the ingredients to make these once, you'll have enough left over to make them at least 10 more times.


Going to see Batman: The Dark Knight on Sunday down in Massachusetts. Yes, we are driving two-hours to see this movie in a special Imax theater with stadium seating where your drinks are served to you by Unicorns and they give you a big bag of money at the end. I'm a little skeptical about the unicorn and money parts but it's the only way I would agree to ride in a car for FOUR HOURS just to see a movie.


I am the happy (borderline ecstatic) owner of TWO tickets to see Henry Rollins in Boston at the Orpheum Theater on November 1st. I know, it's a long way off but I got excellent seats. I bought pre-sale tickets through the fan site, rather than waiting until they go on sale through Ticketmaster TOMORROW, when only the nosebleed seats will be available. Now all I have to do is find a hotel near the Common that isn't $400 for one night.

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