[spinning] The Fug

I went down to The Fiber Studio with my sister a while ago and picked two 50g balls of pencil roving:

The Fug: Before

The colors are... Well, my sister saw it on the counter when I was paying and asked, "You're...? Uh... Really?" But I said, "I know it's the fugliest of the fug but I've seen nasty fiber spin up into the prettiest yarn. You can't tell what it's going to look like by what it looks like now."

But I got the sinking feeling in my stomach when I unraveled it all. Oh, the fugliness of it:

The Fug: During

Some of the color combinations aren't that bad in and of themselves but I thought things like, "What's that blue doing in there? What's with all the red? What's with the pink and minty green?"

I spun and the singles looked like:

The Fug: During

Christmas. It looks like Christmas. Holly and evergreen and candy canes. Oh, the fugliness of it.

Determined to see this thing through to the end, I plied the two singles I spun and got:

The Fug: 2-Ply

It looks more like Easter to me now, rather than Christmas. I am going to make an earflap hat and see what happens.

I did some research on the fiber. Turns out it's not really meant for spinning (whoops), rather for felting. It's pencil roving by Zitron (which practically spun itself) for Skacel Artfelt. I see. I will say, though, that the merino is crazy soft and lofty. The finished yarn is VERY sqwooshy.


Shelby said...


That last picture makes me kind of dizzy to look at. In kind of a "I had too much cotton candy and rode the merry-go-round too many times" type way...Heeeee! :)

Anonymous said...

It's, um, dizzying. Don't give the hat to an epileptic!
Can you see the headlines now? "VTgirl due in court for charges of reckless endangerment, forced extreme visual stimulation"

amy said...

I just rewatched Batman Begins last night. I'll spritz people in the face with a hallucinogenic toxin, then put the hat on. And then, you know, wait for people to puke on me.

Maybe I'll call the colorway Epileptic's Vomit. Or would that be in poor taste?

Shelby said...

You could call it "Candycane Vomit" or "Cotton Candy Vomit" and avoid the possible lawsuits?