[knitting] Irish Hiking Scarf

Angora Irish Hiking Scarf

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf

Needles: US 8

Yarn: Elizabeth Lavold Angora

Tech: I did the cables without a cable needle and spit-spliced new yarn to join (FYI: I don't use spit. I use water.)

Angora Irish Hiking Scarf

The scarf is very soft. And very white. I think it will only come out on VERY special occasions.

Angora Irish Hiking Scarf

I think I'd like to do another cabled scarf. Either this Cabled Brioche stitch or Manitou Passage (with a slip stitch edge rather than the garter border). I like that they are reversible and the cables are staggered.


Kit said...

That is so pretty! I may have to give that pattern a try myself.

amy said...

I highly recommend cabling without a cable needle. It's very easy and speeds the knitting.