[spinning] Louet Northern Lights

Here's a pile of the Louet Northern Lights in the Picasso colorway.

Northern Lights Sliver

I picked a colorway that wasn't my first choice because I have seen some of the fugliest roving spun up into the most gorgeous yarn.

This type of roving is called "sliver" (pronounced sly-ver). Here's a good article from Spin-Off on the different types of fiber preparation you can spin from.

It was so much fun to spin this, I couldn't stop. Check out the finish yarn:

Northern Lights

Take a closer look...

Northern Lights

Closer still!

Northern Lights - close

I could stare at this all day. In fact, I made it my desktop wallpaper so I do stare at it all day.

I ended up with bulky, springy yarn. What to do with it? I had planned on crocheting the Anne scarf with it but after a few inches in, I realized that yarn was just too big for it. Then I started bulky mittens:

Handspun Mittens

It went all right. I had to rip back once to get the thumb placement right. It felt a little tight but not too tight. The hand ended up kind of pointy but I could deal with that. I wove in the yarn ends at the top and it feels annoyingly lumpy/bumpy but that's not big deal, right? Right?

I'm ripping these mittens. It's just not working. I'm going to see if the yarn needs to be washed again to get the kinks out and then save it for when the knitting gods bestow upon me the wisdom of what to make with this colorful, awesome yarn.

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gayle said...

LOVE the yarn! I think you should make a hat - not a little practical hat - a Big Assertive sort of hat. Put that yarn right out there for people to NOTICE!
Beautiful, beautiful work.