[knitting] Cowl Crazy

Cowls seem pretty popular right now and because I'm so impressionable, I've been making some.

I call this RBC (Reverse Basketweave Cowl):


Just knit a tube in basketweave stitch and then (here's the magic part) turn it inside out! I did this because I prefer the purl-ier texture on the outside.

I used one skein of Plymouth Royal Llama Linen. The color I used can more accurately be seen below:


The silk and linen in the yarn really make this a soft and slouchy cowl. I loves it.

The mossy handspun became a very handsome Serrated Cowl:

Handspun Cowl

The pattern is simply rows of stockinette, then a row of p2tog, then a row of kbf, repeat. I increased as I went, to flare the bottom.

After a severe wash and block:

Serrated Cowl

I was surprised when Dollar asked if he could have it. I shouldn't be, though, because when he wears a scarf he wraps it around his neck and tucks the ends into the neck of his coat (he doesn't enjoy the long ends hanging out). So really, this cowl is perfect for him.

I tried a variation on the Serrated Cowl with Aslan Trends Invernal:

Serrated Cowl

Needs to be washed and blocked. For this one, I increased the number of stockinette rows between the purl ridges as I went. I did this only because the rows of p2tog and kbf were becoming murder to my hands and wrists. Still, I like end result.

I chose to name this design "Serrated" because the purl bumps look like the teeth on a serrated knife to me:

Serrated Cowl

Lastly, I noticed that I've recently been pulling the same color from my stash to work with:

Color trend?

I think I'm all done with yellow. Please, someone stop me if I start to work on something in yellow. Even if I call it something clever like "maize" or "wheat", just slap it out of my hands.

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