[knitting] Two Tams

Finally some pictures. I got a new camera over the Holidays and it takes some crazy good (but crazy big) pictures. Mom said she wanted a tam so I ran right out to get some yarn to make her one. I got 3 skeins of Classic Elite Inca Marl in color #1174 (I ended up using only 1.5 skeins for the whole thing).


I used The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns, giving her tam a 1 x 1 ribbed brim and subtle, concentric circle decreases on the crown. She loves it and says she likes how light-weight it is.

Pleased with the result (and how quickly it knit up), I made one for myself.


Same pattern but I chose a different brim and decreases. Oh, and bulkier yarn (I used the uber squishy/soft Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky in color #560. I bought two skeins of this and barely used any of the second skein. So more leftovers.

I'm working hard (and hardly working) on Dollar's Pirate hat. I've finished the inside brim and even introduced the second color of yarn at Knitting Club Wednesday night. The next Knitting Club is going to be at my place in a couple weeks but before that, I'll be gone to D.C. all next week for work, so I hope to get a LOT of knitting done on planes and in my hotel room.


Shelby said...

Those are cute! They make me wish I was a hat girl...but alas, I am not.

Holly Burnham said...

Lovely berets....makes me wish I was a hat person. They all look so bad on me I only wear one when forced to shovel snow.

Hello from New Hampshire!

Sarah said...

Great Tams!
While you're in DC, check out my fave Indian restaurant, Indique, on Connecticut Ave in Cleveland Park. Awesome food, great atmosphere and reasonable $$ for a semi-upscale place.

Kelly said...

The tams look great!