[knitting] Double Knit Scarf

I started double knitting this past weekend. One thing Dollar said he would change about the Pirates hat is the lining- he would prefer the lining to go all the way up. Essentially, he wants a double-knit hat.

So I read a little about double knitting. I went into my craft room and pulled chunky-weight leftover yarn from my stash. I cast on, tried this whole "double knitting" thing, made some mistakes, ripped, saw that tension really DOES matter, and started over. This is what I was left with Sunday night:

Yeah, my gauge is off a little from color to color but I'm not worried. Either it'll all sort itself out after washing/blocking or it'll add character to what I hope will be a casual, boho/hobo chic scarf.

Progress is slow. It's like doing 1x1 ribbing because the yarns are going front-to-back with every stitch. Still, this renders a fabric that is stockinette on both sides and FLAT. I was thinking, "Hmm... Have I ever seen a flat stockinette scarf? No, because stockinette curls along the edges. But THIS. This is flat. And reversible!"


Kelly said...

It looks like it makes a really thick fabric. Perfect for winter!

amy said...

Very thick. I'm using size 10 needles and there are only 20 stitches on each side (40 total on the needles).

nicole said...

I tried to knit a whole blanket in double knit once (it was in an old issue of Knitty) and it broke my knitting. I think I would opt to knit a tube with a seam stitch for a scarf. For a hat? Provisional cast on, long tube, then decrease each end, pushing one inside the other? I might try that.

amy said...

The Harry Potter scarf I knit was a tube with a seamed top/bottom. It's nice and plushy but it isn't nearly as flat as this.

As for a hat, I saw a pattern like the one you suggested and I think that's the way I'd have to go because I have no idea how I'd decrease (k2tog, p2tog) when the stitches are staggered like this on the needles.