[games] Game-tastic weekend

Friday night I played Shadows Over Camelot with Dollar and a couple other people. This was our third attempt at the game with just four people and it must have been a fluke the first time we won together because every game since has been a worse and worse loss. I was the traitor but played it so well that NO ONE suspected me- mostly because I didn't need to do anything traitorous since we were failing all the quests anyway. Hint: the quest for Excalibur is generally "Traitor Land". That's where I went to throw away all my really good cards.

Saturday, from 1pm until 11pm, (yes, you read that right- TEN HOURS) I played 2038: Tycoons of the Asteroid Belt with a new group of gamers I joined after Carnage Con. And get this- we didn't even finish the game. Basically it's all about companies and corporations mining resources in space for money and how that money influences the stock of the corporations. The tycoon with the most money in the end wins. I played a fairly consistent game until I saw that I was running one corporation into the ground. Right at the end, I sold all my stock and forced someone else to take over as president. Talk about offloading my troubles onto another player. Anyway, I did a lot of knitting during my down time and the whole thing really only felt like it took a few hours to play. The time did fly. The only downside was that I stopped being nice at about 10pm. I felt grumpy and tired but held it in as best I could. I don't think I'll be partaking in another big game day. [View the session report]

Sunday night I played a desert scenario of Memoir '44 with Dollar. He won. Whatever. Memoir' 44 will never get old to me.

We still have Axis & Allies and Caylus from Christmas to play. We've read the rules to Caylus but still have as yet to play the initial shaky first game. We still need to read all the rules for Axis & Allies. I imagine we'll be playing these games this weekend while I'm on bed rest from getting my wisdom teeth out. I wonder how hard it will be for me to concentrate while on serious pain meds?

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The J-Man said...

Hey, Amy. You should bring Caylus to one of the Friday night gaming sessions. I've been wanting to play that for a while!

Thanks again for joining us. It was a long game, but I agree that the time went by fast.