[amy] Wrapping up knitting projects, Watching Rome

I've been back from DC for nearly a week. I managed to finish knitting Dollar's We Call Them Pirates hat over the weekend- I'll post a picture soon. I only have one (ONE!) unfinished project I want to finish- the Starsky cardigan. Everything else (an unfinished sock, pieces of a bag I began to make when I first started knitting) is going to be ripped back. Then there will be nothing laying around, taunting me, "Ha ha, you haven't finished knitting me yet. I could be so totally awesome and you would love me but you're too lazy to work at this relationship."

Knitting Night is taking place this Thursday at my home. Dollar will be away playing poker. I think he fears being around 10 women armed with wooden stakes- as though we discuss how awful men are and how we should probably start crucifying them one by one.

Speaking of crucifying people, I've been getting Season One of HBO's Rome via Netflix. I've seen only the first two disks but YAWN. It's so boring. There is lots of sex and violence thrown in but it seems gratuitous ("Oh look, more torture. Oh look, more breasts... More torture... More naked women..."). There are, though, aspects of the show I like: References to the Gods people worship and are constantly reverent of. All of the actors are top notch- Kevin McKidd plays a stoic Lucius Vorenus, Ray Stevenson plays a loyal and affable Titus Pullo, Polly Walker plays one of those EVIL woman you love to hate (think Melinda Clark as Julie on The O.C.). I'll finish out the season but for now I feel as though the story is all pomp without substance. [Not that I abide by sexist statements like this but I heard the show described as a "male" show (whatever that means). Perhaps that's why there's so much violence and female nudity?]


Kelly said...

I did the same thing at the beginning of this month. It was very freeing and got to cast on for new better projects! Have fun at knit night!

Bill said...

We're on Rome episode 8 and while we were slow to warm to it, we love it now, so don't give up! The political intrigue gets cooking and it gets really interesting.