[travel] Shopping in DC

I took the metro to Stitch DC at Capitol Hill. This was such a great and trendy yarn store. I loved all their samples and several were knit from free patterns online. I fell in love with one shawl hanging on a mannequin and asked how many balls of yarn it took. She said she didn't know but would find out from the free pattern for it online. She found it and even printed it out for me. What customer service!

I ended up getting four balls of Mission Falls Superwash Wool to potentially be made into a pair of socks depending on how a swatch of it machine washes and dries. And two balls of On Line Supersocke 100. I plan on using the Supersocke with a solid color and a Fair Isle motif to get a stained glass effect. I can't explain it but I'll post a picture if I find one showing what I'm talking about.

I also went to a little hole-in-the-wall shop in Chinatown to get some souvenirs. I found the place when I was here last year and got cute dishes and tea/candy. This year I got:

Left to right, from top: Flower's Kiss Candy (Contains no actual flowers. Bummer.), eye glasses case, piggy dish, bad-ass forked toothpicks, ginger candy, 100 bags of bad-ass Korean Ginseng Tea

Slippers for me and my sister

And since the best gifts are usually free, here are some little guys for Dollar:

I got these for free at a booth at the conference. See, this is the benefit of going to a conference that the military is going to be at. All I could think when I saw a helmet full of these guys was, "Oh. My. God. Those would be SOOOO perfect for Memoir. For realz. I have to take one. Oh my god, they're all different! I'll take two. Okay, three. Do they see me taking these? Can I take one more? Am I being greedy? I see a rifleman! I want it! I'm- Oh shit, here they come- Run!"

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