[knitting] As a reward

My personal trainer is an evil genius. I had a meeting with her after spending way, way, WAY too many days avoiding the gym over the holidays. I told her my goal is:

Monday: cardio, weights
Tuesday: cardio
Wednesday: cardio, weights
Thursday: cardio
Friday: cardio, weights

And sprinkled throughout would be group fitness classes, pilates, yoga, aquafit/aquajog, flexibility training at home, etc...

That's all well and good to say but am I *really* going to make it to the gym EVERY DAY? I told her I need some sort of incentive/reward plan.

"What motivates you?" she asked.

"Yarn," I replied without hesitation.

"Okay, say you don't by any yarn until you complete two full weeks without missing a day."

"Sure... But I've got, like, 500 balls at home so I'll just think, 'Whatever, I don't need to go in, I've got all this yarn at home to play with.'"

"So you set aside your favorite color or something you really want to use and you don't play with THAT until you complete two full weeks."

"Oh," I said, "Uh... Hm."


SO, I've set aside my most recent yarn purchase- NOT to be handled/knit until I complete TWO FULL WEEKS of stupid poo-poo painful workouts.

Atacama by Araucania - 100% Alpaca, my favorite

Himalayas by Queensland Collection

So let's see, yesterday was Wednesday... If I go today and tomorrow... But I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next Thursday, so that's going to break things up... If I start again on Monday the 5th... Carry the 2, divide by 4... That's means the soonest I could play with these yarns would be the evening of Friday, February 16. Dang, this yarn better be worth it.


Anonymous said...

Very sneaky trainer!!
Best of luck.

Shelby said...

that Himalayas is gorgeous! Can you maybe sometimes go twice a day to try and get there quicker?

Yeah, I know. It was just a thought...;)

re: gym - I suck. I went for almost 2 weeks and then it got cold and I got lazy and...well.. yeah.

scully said...

February 16 is my birthday :)

Good luck with your goal!

Kelly said...

Looks like you have some good incentive. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Evil follow-up plan for consistent gym time: no knitting each day until after you've gone to the gym. So far, it's been working for me for my own personal exercise program at home. Good luck!