[cooking] Beans on Toast

Haven't felt much like cooking something extravagant and complicated- I'm saving that for the long vacation I'm taking over the holidays. Instead, I've been introducing Dollar to the simple pleasure of beans on toast.

I had a lot of beans on toast while I was in England. I was a poor student and this was the cheapest meal to have. I remember my initial reaction being "Baked Beans? On toast?" because I'm used to the thick, molasses, maple flavored Boston Baked Beans. But over THERE, it's just beans in a light tomato sauce.

So basically you CAN (but probably shouldn't) used Bush's canned bbq or maple baked beans. I found Heinz baked beans in the UK section of the International isle at the grocery store and these are the right ones to use.

Here's the how-to for Beans on Toast.

Learn more than you wanted to know about baked beans here.

I'm planning on taking this meal to the next level and making a Full English breakfast next week. Eggs, toast, beans, bacon and/or sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms. I'll have to get some brown sauce at the grocery store. And maybe I'll head out to a local smokehouse for some real bacon and sausage.


Sarah said...

now my question is where do you find brown sauce, I never paid enough attention and now dont know what it is to buy it, also do you know the right kind of vinegar. I lived in Scotland for a spell and wish I had brought both back with me.

Shelby said...

my boyfriend is Welsh, and now lives in Southampton, England. He lives on beans & toast and "pot noodles"....and when he comes over here, I end up spending 75% of my grocery budget on breakfast foods because I always make him the "full english" at least a couple times while he's here. The first time I tried to do it was pretty comical because he's NOT a cooking person at ALL. I couldn't figure out how to do the tomato the way he was describing it, and he couldn't TELL me how to do there was a bit of trial and error, but he says I've got it down pat now.

scully said...

I always keep some Heinz baked beans in the cupboard for breakfast emergencies. Nice filling meal when you can't be arsed to cook anything. :)

How long were you in England? Long enough to become a footie fan? If so, which team did you support.

Happy Holidays!

amy said...

I found HP sauce at the grocery store (Shaw's) last night. I also got some marmite and British jams that were marked 50% off (I guess no one's buying the British food).

I spent a year of college over there so I ended up watching (or at least hearing) a lot about football. I liked Man U because they had Beckham and some other really good players at the time.

Katie said...

Hi, I randomly stumbled by here. I'm making baked beans on toast for breaky. I always keep a tin in the cupboard for mornings like today when we just can't be bothered to have anything else. I also like using baked beans in with mince. I think it's yum! Maybe it's my English heritage coming through, lol. Anyway. Nice to meet you. :)