[videogames] WarDevil for Xbox 2

Check out the new trailer for an Xbox 2 title, WarDevil created by Digi-Guys.

"For over 15 months, Digi-Guys has been creating and testing to make this project possible. Recruiting talented new team members from the 4 corners of the globe - which in turn have drawn upon many visual & literary influences, to created one of the first projects that can exist in both mediums - as a movie & a game."


Anonymous said...

It does look awefully cool, but I tend to agree with many of the postings that the trailer seems to be all cutscenes. I would guess that you didn't see a single in-game cut in the whole thing. I personally like games with elaborate, thorough and plot-advancing cutscenes as long as they are well done and don't detract from the game itself. Some of the real good-looking ones tend to be a few hours of doing the same thing running through just different settings and get so boring so fast, it's hard to keep interest to see the movie to the end. We'll see. If you keep tabs on it, pass info along.
Man, I've never been so close to buying myself an Xbox though - which I DEFINATELY should not waste the money doing. Peace,

amy said...

Well, nows the time to get an Xbox (since it won't be too long before Xbox 2 comes out).