[amy] Christmas, Christmas, time is near...

I'm off work for Christmas until after the New Year so my postings are going to be infrequent at best. Having said that, I can't wait for Christmas. Can't wait, can't wait. I love giving presents and force people to shake their presents and guess what might be inside while I repeat, "No, guess again." I also like that this is a time of year for secrets: yours and other people's. You got something for someone and it's killing you not being able to tell them about it when they mention the exact thing that you got. You also might know what one person got another person and when the other person talks about it, it kills you to not be able to tell them what you know. See? It's hard to even understand what I'm talking about because I have to be all cryptic and shit.

In other news, I'm thinking about getting a kitten.

So back to the presents: I like disguising distinctly shaped gifts (e.g. books, cds) as something else. The trick is to put the intended present inside something that gives it a different shape and then wrapping that up. For example, hiding a cd inside a watermelon or a DVD inside the box from that porcelain you got- It gets them every time! The only problem comes from when the person reads the outside of the box ("Rebecca, crafted in Chinese porcelain and sporting an intricate lace-edged gingham dress, will make a darling addition to any doll collection...") and becomes ecstatic ("I've always wanted to collect dolls! This is fantastic!"). Hopefully, though, when they see what's actually inside ("A bong?"), they're relieved and happy ("Thank God. I was totally going to slash your tires over that stupid doll.").

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