[videogames] Girls! Girls! Girls!

Why do guys always outnumber girls when it comes to video games? Not that I'm complaining or anything, heh heh, no but seriously: Why? Guys outnumber the girls 15:1 over at Red vs. Blue. When I play group Halo/Halo 2, there are usually only a couple girls present. Why? Why, God, WHY? Are there no other gaming chicks out there? Where are the other nerdy, unix joking ("Ever try to concatonize the phrase 'a can of food' on the command line? You get 'cat cannot open a can of food'! AHH HAHAHAHAHA!!!"), Penny Arcade reading, hott females. Oh wait, HERE they are. Mmmm, frag-a-licious. It's like the Spice Girls, only better. You can pick your favorite one but they don't sing. Oh yeah, there are also doodz but I doubt they'd look as good in heels.

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