[knitting] Winter Knitty

The Winter Issue of Knitty is up. The only two things I'd consider making would be the bob & weave (but make it smaller) and the maryella beaded wrist cuffs. I haven't knit with beads before but I'd like to try it out.

My only question is WTF is up with the knit womb. Seriously. ..."a cute, cuddly uterus doll"? I don't want to cuddle with it; do you? Didn't think so. And it's like Action Womb- they've taken pictures of it climbing trees and playing the piano.

If you must knit yourself a doll, why not knit a Rockstar? I'm all over the Henry Rollins one, but I'd do it shirtless and make sure to accurately replicate the "Search and Destroy" sun on his back, as well as all the tattoos on his arm his arms and legs... My only fear is that by the time I finish it, I will have made a voodoo doll.

The only dolls I want are these.


Anonymous said...

eww, that uterus thing is gross *and* disturbing

Anonymous said...

Howsabout Dimebag Darryl. Seriously, WTF is the world coming to when you can't even expect a modicum in safety in the mosh pits of this world. This guy was a truly GREAT guitarist if you don't know his stuff, and that's GREAT with all caps, y'know? Seriously, f-ck the simp who did this, I am getting really sick of this shit happening all the time.

amy said...

Here's a news article about what Sully's referring to. It is messed up.