[knitting] Colinette Scarf


Just wanted to start posting some of my knitting projects. This is a scarf that I finished a couple nights ago using Colinette Zanziba in Copperbeech (I think) and some novelty yarn that I can't remember the name of at the moment.

Because of Zanziba's thick & thin twist, I chose to use a basic moss stitch for this scarf- the finished texture is nice and pearly. Adding the dark blue/dark brown novelty yarn gave the orange and blue Colinette a nice, earthy overall color.

These pictures kind of make the scarf look purple, but really it looks beige, blue and brown. It's pretty, I swear.

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Jonathan S. said...

Hi Amy. I hope you have a splendid Christmas and that Santa gives you that Chia Head you've had your eye on.