[quilting] Country Charm - Done!

I dropped my finished quilt top at the quilter's in early Feb and just picked it up this past weekend:

Finished Quilt

I love it. I love love love love love it. One thing that I would have changed about the last quilt that I had professionally quilted is that the pattern was too large. (Having said that, I still love that quilt and have used it every day.) This time I specified that I wanted a tighter "all-over" design.

Finished Quilt

I'm glad I went with the brown border- I love how the quilt design stands out.

The backing (and binding) fabric is so nice:

Finished Quilt

The owner of Hen House Fabric in White River Junction picked it out and I immediately said yes. It's a sweet design and the leaves are red, blue and brown- all of which are the main colors used for the top. So perfect. She has such a good eye. 

Anyway, I brought the quilt home and had the audacity to put it on Santana's bed for pictures:

Finished Quilt

She obviously thinks this quilt is for her. I told her it wasn't.

Finished Quilt

It might get submitted to the fair this fall. It will prob get gifted at Christmas time. Either way, it's folded up and put away so it doesn't get covered in cat fur. 

Finished Quilt

Santana has vowed to find it.

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Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! The quilt is GORGEOUS. Yes, the brown fabric really sets off the squares. Nice work!