[cooking] Ugly Delicious

Last weekend I watched all the episodes of David Chang's new Netflix show: Ugly Delicious. It put me in the mood to cook and I did a pot of braised Asian beef with cabbage over rice:

Braised beef and cabbage. Simmering liquid was puréed ginger, garlic, onion, blood orange juice, Chinese hot chili sauce, soy sauce. Watching #uglydelicious is putting me in the mood to cook.

I pureed some onion, orange juice, garlic, ginger, Chinese chili pepper sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil in a mini food processor. I browned the meat in a dutch oven and then simmered it in the puree for a couple hours. Added sliced cabbage and simmer around 20 min. Serve over rice, garnish with scallions. Easy, low effort, delicious- my favorite cooking combination.

What I really wanted to make was some fried chicken that I saw in one of the episodes. Chef Asha Gomez made Kerala Fried Chicken and based on the reactions of the guys who ate it, I was like, "No way it can be that good. No. Way." So I made it.

Kerala fried chicken. Saw Asha Gomez make it on #uglydelicious. Beyoooooond tasty. #keralafriedchicken finished with a drizzle of coconut oil and garam masala salt.

Yeah. It's pretty freaking good. Mint and cilantro in the buttermilk and garlic marinade? I was apprehensive but it worked. I did the drizzle of melted coconut oil and a sprinkle of garam masala salt to finish (the garam masala salt isn't in the recipe but I seem to remember her doing it in the episode). The only disappointing thing is that my chicken had no heat. I wasn't able to find 6 serrano peppers so I used 6 seeded jalapenos. Zero spiciness. Next time I'll strive harder to find the serranos or use 12 jalapenos and leave the seeds in. And then I think I would classify this as the perfect fried chicken.

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