[crochet] Spirit Mandalas

I wanted a quick project for leftover bits of yarn. I came across this Spirit Mandala pattern on Ravelry and thought it was a good match because (a) I have scraps of sock yarns, and (b) I have metal rings. The first one I made:

Crocheted mandala over a wire ring. #crochet #crochetmandala

Ooooo, so easy and quick. Kind of a lot of ends to sew in (which you should take care of before you permanently attach it to a ring with the last round of crocheting) but worth it.

I did another with some longer bits of gradient sock yarns:

Mandala no.2, this time with gradient leftover sock yarns (yay fewer ends to weave in). #crochet #crochetmandala #spiritmandala

Fewer ends to sew in because I let the colors transition over more rounds... but still nice.

The last one:

Mandala #3

This is my favorite.

These are small(ish), probably only 7 or 8 inches in diameter. While technically they are "stash busting" projects in that I used yarn from the stash, it ended up being VERY small amounts of yarn. No real dent to the stash but... I have three new pretty wall decorations.

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