[knitting] Granny's Colorful Favourite

I finished a second sweater using the Granny's Favourite pattern:

Granny's Favourite #2

Yarn is Lana Grossa Gomitolo 200. Very colorful. I only ended up using about a quarter of the ball. It's a gigantic 200g ball of yarn.

Because the circumference of the arms is much smaller than the body, the colors stacked up in 1-row bands of color for the sleeves:

Granny's Favourite #2

After doing the first sleeve, I had to take yarn from the other end of the yarn ball to try and get the same pinks/greys (and have some semblance of symmetry to an already crazy-looking sweater). I knit a little swatch after, which I threw into the washing machine and dry to ensure that it wouldn't felt. It didn't- if anything the yarn just got more floofy and soft. I think I'll wash and dry the sweater before gifting. 


I did start a new little sweater last weekend with fingering-weight yarn but after spending a couple evenings on it and making good progress... I had to rip it out. It was coming out too large. I went up a needle size and tried to compensate by knitting a smaller size (12mo) but it was still coming out large enough for an adult. And the yarn was a little tweedy and ended up hiding some of the pattern.

So I went back to knitting Fox Paws. It will feel good to finally finish that. My knitting TV is a new Netflix documentary called Wild Wild Country. This doc is bonkers- how have I never heard of the Rajneesh commune in Oregon in the late 70's/early 80's? I'm only two episodes in and I have no idea where this is going to go...

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