[crochet] Ewok

Finished a little crocheted Ewok:

Finally finished that thing that I said I was going to finish. Ewok. 🌲🐻🌲Need to find a wire brush to make him fuzzy. #crochet #amigurumi #ewok #starwars

Pattern is free on Rav: Wicket the Ewok

So cuuuute. The mouth was a little, ah, difficult to stitch. Arms are a bit too long- would make them shorter next time. The hood totally makes it, though. Good use of scrap and leftover yarn. If I could find my wire slicker pet brush, I would brusha-brush him to make him super fuzzy. Gifted to Dollar, who absolutely loves it.

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Ellen Bloom said...

ADORABLE! I love your little Ewok!