[quilting] Castle design

Turned a crude sketch into a schematic for a Corps of Engineers Castle quilt block:

Turning a crude drawing into a quilt block schematic. This is going to be a big one. #quilting

Still trying to find enough of the right fabric based on what I have. It won't be the traditional white/red. Or even gold. And it will be a big block (18 in x 23 in). 


TGIF. I'm going to Netflix and chillllllll this weekend. Do a little quilting. Do a little knitting. Do a little cooking. I got a very special delivery from Penzeys last Friday:

Long work week made better by a Penzeys delivery. Lots of little freebies and for some reason a bunch of paper clips. ๐Ÿ“Ž๐Ÿ“ŽThat’s cool, I need paper clips. @barbjstender I have your peppercorns. #penzeysspices

I ordered the guajillo peppers specifically for pozole (which I made on Monday and we've been eating all week) but I think I'll use a good portion this weekend to make some guajillo chili sauce... for enchiladas and burritos. I'm not sure why we've been on such a Mexican kick but I made tacos last Friday night (I knew the taco seasoning was coming so I got all the stuff ahead of time) and quesadillas the next night...

I'll start some no-knead dough to keep in the fridge. I'm interested in trying this English Muffin Toasting Bread. I still have a bit of clotted cream from last weekend left- Dollar had band practice at the house Monday night and I made sure they came up for a scone, clotted cream, raspberry jam break. They thankfully took care of most of it.

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Rebecca said...

The castle, how fun! My dad was Corps of Engineers nearly his whole career and is a contractor with them now that he's retired.