[knitting] Granny's Favourite Jewel

Speaking of that little blue sweater that Murderface was sitting on in the last post, it's this:

Granny's Favourite #1

Pattern: Granny's Favourite by Georgie Nicolson (rav link)

Yarn: Feza Yarns Jewel, teal, 2 balls

Size: 2 year old

Needles: US 6

Notes: The pattern isn't a freebie but it's written for 15 sizes. It's top-down, so you can play yarn chicken (and could make a short-sleeved bolero in a small size with not much yarn at all). I went full-sleeved and still have about half of a ball of yarn leftover.

The yarn has glitter to it, which is why it's called Jewel:

Granny's Favourite #1

It's really quite sparkly under artificial light. I love it. It is a birthday present for my niece's upcoming birthday. Just needs buttons.


TGIFFFFFFFFFF. Another 50 hour week (but really, I'm away from the house 13 hours a day with the commute and misc errands) complete. At least I'm raking in credit and comp time. I'm day dreaming about my upcoming week off at the end of May. Maybe I'll be able to splurge and take a little more than a week off (*gasp*).

Oh, and speaking of May, I've bought a ticket for DC for the first weekend in May to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival again this year. Last year was a little chilly/rainy. Will hopefully be better weather this year.

I've started another little sweater for my niece- this time with fingering-weight yarn. Will be slow-going but I think it's going to be soooooo cute when it's done. As long as it's not too big. I'm only one row into it and it looks big but the edge will be scalloped... hopefully it will work out. Otherwise I'll save it until next year's birthday.

Looking forward to home cooking this weekend. I don't have time to cook during these busy weeks and a couple of the nights I end up eating out with some of the students. I have a bottle of not-too-pasteurized cream in the fridge at home and I want to try making some clotted cream from it. And then make some raspberry jam from berries I picked last summer and still have in the freezer. And homemade plain scones. Then it's mutha-f'in scone, cream, jam time. Devonshire style. This is literally all I want to accomplish during the weekend. Besides sleeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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