[cooking] Eggrolls

I rummaged around through my onion/garlic basket on the counter top to pull out the last of last year's CSA garlic. All the cloves were still firm and white and perfect:

Last of last summer's CSA garlic

I smash the cloves a bit, pop the skin off and mince them in a Magic Bullet in batches. Then I store in jars in the fridge:

Minced garlic

Then it's ready to go to throw a spoonful into a recipe here and there. With grocery store garlic, it often oxidizes in the jar and turns green. Still fine to use (and I do) but I've never had an issue with CSA local garlic going green. Interesting.

My standard eggroll filling:

Eggroll filling

Ground pork (cooked, drained). Spinach (cooked, moisture squeezed out). Tofu (half block resting on a few changes of paper towels to drain). Bean sprouts. Garlic. Scallions (half a bunch, sliced thin). Mix everything up by hand in a big bowl, add some ground red pepper and soy sauce. At this point, everything is cooked or safe to eat raw, so you can taste and adjust the seasoning. This filling is so tasty as is, it's easy to eat several spoonfuls. Leave some for the eggrolls!

All rolled up (I bring a tray of the wrappers, egg wash, filling, cookie sheet to hold the eggrolls, towel to cover the eggrolls as I roll so they don't dry out- to the living room and roll the eggrolls while we watch something on tv):

Eggrolls wrapped

All fried up:


My dipping sauce is soy sauce with a little bit of mirin and red peppers.

I'm not picky or finicky about a lot of food but buffet and restaurant eggrolls (or, god forbid, grocery store frozen... shudder) are something that I will not order and will not eat. They all legitimately taste like poison to me. You think I'm being dramatic but I'm not. After growing up with my mom's eggrolls (similar to above but she's got some of her own secret ingredients as well) and then making my own, I can't have any other. I refuse! I'll simply die if I have one Chinese take-out eggroll! (Okay, maybe I am being melodramatic now.)

This eggroll filling is pretty customizable. I had an extra pack of eggroll wrappers and did another round of eggrolls- this time with a ground turkey and baby kale filling. Again, soooo good. I'm surrounded by tofu haters (who knows why- they've never had it but decide ahead of time that they don't like it) and they love these eggrolls. You don't even notice the tofu in the filling and it adds protein.

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