[travel] Quebec City

Back from a quick vacation to Quebec City. This is the third time we've been to the summer music festival and every time is wonderful. Good music, good food, good sight-seeing, good people. 

We stayed down around the Place d'Youville in Old Town this year, right across from one of the outdoor stages. Our hotel room was bonkers: two levels with the bathroom and sitting room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs.




The view from our windows:

Hotel room view. Left a rainy, grey upper valley and finally reached blue skies.

Live music starts wafting in once bands start doing sound check around noon. But by then we're out and about. We love to have Boreale beer:

Sitting outside at a bistro with more Boreale. We are around the corner from a candy boutique and the smell of caramel keeps wafting over. This is heaven.

And there is no bad food in QC. Baklava:


Smoke salmon and salad for Dollar (I had beef tartare- so much yum):

#beclubbistrobar #quebecrestaurant #vieuxquebec #salmon

And poutine (this is 1:30 am poutine after the Metallica show):


Duck confit tortellini:

Duck thing tortellini. Perfect fork-tender duck meat.

Smoked salmon flatbread:

Salmon fume pour moi. Neapolitan pour le garçon.

We did lots and lots of walking and sight-seeing. Down in lower Old Town:


Building mural in old town.

To the museum of fine art:






But the main raison d'etre was the music. We saw The Who Thursday night but I really liked the opening band The Struts. They were en feu. Metallica was the next night- awesome but soooo crowded. Gorillaz was great the next night. And the last night was Muse. Some of the crowds:



All around the city were street performers and walking back to our hotel one night, we caught Transe Express. Six people making up a human mobile, suspended from a crane, singing and playing music live:

So this happened in the street last night walking back to the hotel after the Gorillaz show. Transe Express performance. Six people (a singer, four musicians playing violins and a cello, and an acrobat) ina human mobile suspended from a crane. #transeexpr


They were eventually swung over to a band that was playing on a flatbed truck (dressed like skeletons with a couple acrobats teeter-tottering over the drummer):


I can't really explain it. The whole thing was surreal.

Merci, Quebec. Until next time...

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