[spinning] Blue Sea Handpsun

Finally got around to taking pictures of the 4oz of silk/polwarth fiber that I spun during Tour de Fleece:


Turned out to be a gorgeous DK(ish) weight two-ply. The silk adds a touch of sheen and drape to the finished yarn. No plans for the yarn at the moment (other than my go-to hat pattern for handspun DK: Rikke).


The spinning fiber is dyed by FiberStash, a Vermont independent dyer. She is usually a vendor at local sheep and wool festivals and I always make sure to stop by her booth to pick something up. I've never been disappointed in any of the yarn or fiber that I've purchased.

The last of the TdF yarn is plied, washed and currently hanging to dry. Pics to come.

TGIF. I have no plans this weekend, so I'm going to stay at home and do... homey things. Actually, one of my big tasks will be using up eggs. I have two dozen in the fridge with another dozen scheduled for pickup Monday. So... ideas? Of course I want to make a bundt (OF COURSE I DO) and that uses, like, four or five eggs. I'm waiting on a dozen to hang around another week before I convert them into hard-boiled eggs (fresh eggs are so frustratingly hard to peel). I'm gravitating towards separating six- using the whites for meringue (by way of pavlova) and curing the yolks.

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