[knitting] Double Cable Twist Socks - Progress

Last Saturday morning I turned the heel on the first sock:

One more cup and however much knitting that is- then it's go time... "Go Buy Flowers Time". #knitting

And at this point, the toe is nearly done. Knitting goes so much faster when you get to the stockinette sole of socks.

Going to cast-on the second sock tonight. And wash the last of the Tour de Fleece yarn.

There's a popular free pattern on Ravelry now: Wonder Woman Wrap. I broke down and ordered some yarn for it- with enough extra gold to knit a new baby blanket (with plans to enter it into the Fair). But I think once the above socks are done, I'll go back to the Lodestar mittens. And then finish up a couple of the amigurumi I started months ago. And, oh yeah, what about that Sophie's Universe crocheted afghan that I started years ago? Sigh, not enough hours in the day.

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