[spinning] Tour de Fleece, progress

Tour de Fleece progress so far:

Yarn so far. Two skeins on the right done, two bobbins top left to be plied, one full brown bobbin (and another to make just like it). #spinning #tourdefleece #teamcatitude

Hopefully I'll ply the blue/white bobbins at the top left of the picture tonight. That brown bobbin is 50% of a mystery wool/silk blend. Have to fill up another bobbin just like that and then ply. The two skeins on the right are all washed and done.

We got crazy fast internet installed at the house yesterday. If you're in central Vermont, you should totally make the switch to EC Fiber if they serve your town. Our DSL up/down speed with Fairpoint (now Consolidated Communications) was < 1 Mbps. After we had fiber installed? 95 Mbps up/down. O. M. G. We struggled forever with streaming shows over various apps, trying to watch videos, installing updates for video games. The speed now is unreal. Faster than at work.

Stopped at Kilowatt picnic area in Wilder, VT earlier this week:

@jdsalx recognize this? Was down at the Kilowatt picnic area. Was in Wilder to see your old neighbor to pick up craft stuff she was unloading.

Looks like a Bob Ross painting to me. Which reminds me- I need to carve out some time for painting.

The CSA continues to be awesome but also challenging and a lot of work. For instance:

Salad for supper last night. Zucchini, eggs, radish, cucumber and greens from the CSA. Homemade dijon maple vinaigrette.

Salad greens, pan roasted zucchini (green and yellow), egg, radish, and cucumbers are all from the CSA. The pickled beets and tuna are store-bought. The dressing is homemade maple-dijon vinaigrette (so good!). 

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