[spinning] Tour de Fleece 2017

Tour de Fleece started July 1 and I've already spun up 8 oz of fiber for Team Catitude!

First, Malabrigo Nube:

All fluffed up and ready to go. #spinning #tourdefleece #teamcatitude

I've blogged about this fiber in the past. It's lovely... once you spend the time prepping it. I purchased some braids when it was first released and the wool is VERY compact/dense. I wouldn't say "felted" because you can open it up and make it nice with some predrafting (which wouldn't be possible with felted fiber).

I decided to spin it all onto one bobbin, light-fingering weight, and chain-ply to finish. This is on my Ashford Joy:

Malabrigo Nube. Spinning into fingering weight singles. Will chain ply to finish. #malabrigo #malabrigonube #tourdefleece #teamcatitude #spinning

Next- a bulky, low-twist single-ply (for some instant gratification), also on the Ashford Joy:

Another 4 oz done. No strawberry picking today because I got distracted with this. Tomorrow... strawberries.

Fiber is 100% Polwarth, purchased as a fiber event a billion years ago. 

Next 4oz of spinning fiber- Moose Manor Hand Paints 'Deep Blue Sea'. Polwarth wool. Going to spin into a bulky low-twist single ply. Quickly, hopefully. #tourdefleece #teamcatitude #spinning

I've moved on to a wool/silk blend on the Kromski Minstrel. I've had a hard time getting the yarn to take up onto the Woolee Winder bobbin, no matter how much tension I add. So, I think I might have to do some WW maintenance.

Murderface is guarding all the fiber that I plan to spin this TdF.


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