[gardening] What's blooming late July

I have an extra-special daylily that is blooming now:


I bought this last year at a local daylily sale (to which I am going again this weekend- squee!). It's extra-special because the frilly edges of the petals are trimmed in gold glitter:


Gold glitter!

Gold glitter along the petals of this daylily

This is a specimen that the woman who does her own hybridizing created and it's unreal. I need to ask her how the plant makes gold glitter. 

Other things going on around the flower beds... Bee balm starting in the back yard:


One of the boughs on the apple tree in the back broke off (possibly during a heavy downpour) and is lying on the ground. There are lots of little apples all over it and the deer have been coming up to munch on them. I suppose once the bough is dead and dry, we'll drag it away over the bank. So, like, probably next spring? #lazy

Yo, I heard you like bee balm, so I put bee balm in your bee balm:


Quite a few of the bee balm are mutants (I mean that lovingly) and have a little flower head growing out of the main flower head.

Some red daylilies are blooming now:



Nasturtium, edible, which I plan to pick and pop onto a smorrebrod sandwich this weekend.


Not sure what this is- it's a hitchhiker that came with a clump of daylilies. 

What is this?

It's interesting and I like it. Would be worth separating from the daylilies when I decided to divide them.

One of my chores this weekend will be cutting and putting the lavender up to dry.


Balloon flower:

Balloon flower

Something the woodchucks don't eat, so I should dig it up and divide it as many places as possible.

Can't wait to see what new daylilies I pick up this weekend!

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